Did some “housecleaning”

I occasionally go in and fix past blog posts as a matter of course. I decided to go through all of my past blog posts today and fix any links that have gotten out of date or don’t work anymore. In a few cases I deleted links because the sites they refer to have disappeared. In one case I got rid of a link because it turned out to be misleading.

A while back I got a complaint from a reader that old posts were showing up as “new” in his RSS reader. I don’t know what’s causing that, but it may be my occasional edits in old posts. Just a guess. Sometimes I’ll make frequent edits to posts I’ve just put up. I try to proofread my posts before putting them up, but in the long ones something will usually slip by me, or I’ll realize a spot doesn’t say what I intended. Hopefully it’s not annoying. Just trying to keep this blog informative and useful, and occasionally a little fun. 🙂

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