CompUSA saved, kinda

I’m now back home after a long trip (though my busy-ness has not ended), and I noticed that my local CompUSA store, as far as I can tell, is still here.

This is old news, but I happened to look for information on the fate of CompUSA, and I found an article saying that the store chain was bought in January by TigerDirect, a subsidiary of Systemax. Only 16 of the existing stores were to remain open. TigerDirect also decided to change the name of its stores to CompUSA.

I signed up to get ad e-mailings from CompUSA several years ago. I’ve been using them to kind of keep an eye on them. Lately I’ve been getting ad mailings from them labeled “The new”. So something’s changed there, though I haven’t had time to see what that is. So its declared demise on my part is premature. It’s just been significantly scaled back.

CompUSA may end up like Egghead Software. Remember that store chain? I really liked the store, but Egghead closed its retail outlets in the late 1990s, and decided to just run an e-commerce site to sell wares. I’m not sure what brought them down. For a long time I thought it was CompUSA since Egghead closed its outlet in town close to the time when CompUSA arrived.

Anyway, I’m glad it’s not going away for good. I still have store credit with them, and I’d hate to lose it. 🙂

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