I’ve been extremely busy lately and so haven’t had time to post as much as I’d like. I saw this video a little while back, and I thought, “Okay, cute.” Over time it’s grown on me, so I thought I’d share it with you all.

“An Engineer’s Guide to Cats”

There’s something about this video that when I watch it I have to say, “Hmm. This sounds like me,” except I haven’t been a cat owner in years. My apartment doesn’t allow pets. But I love cats. So this is an easy video to love. One part in it says, “Like most engineers, cats are pretty much willing to eat the same thing day, after day, after day,” and then follow it up with a little part where they’re making toast. This is so me. I eat a fairly restricted diet in the sense that I don’t mind eating the same selection of stuff for quite a while before I get bored with it and move on to something else.

I loved the “feline art” section of this video. The “post-modern cardboard deconstruction” bit is hilarious! 😀 The “corporal cuddling” part was precious. Awww, so cute! Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

The part about the “I’m-not-paying-any-attention-to-you game” was interesting, because I’ve “played” that game with women (but gosh, I didn’t know it had a name…). From my experience it doesn’t work out like in the video. If you play this game, the gal wins by default, because you’re just too uninteresting.

BTW, I found this video shortly after “An Engineer’s Guide”, and it’s pretty cool too. For an amateur he’s quite a performer and songwriter I’d say.

“The Mean Kitty Song”

4 thoughts on “Kitties

  1. I doubt these are real engineers. Note their use of “inches” during the measuring! Quite funny though! My cat is not nearly this pleasant. She is mean and surly; at one point, I couldn’t even read a magazine unless she was out of the room. Amazingly, she somehow knows that scratching or biting Jarrett (the baby) would have severe consequences. He tries to pet her, and even when he is not gentle (sometimes slapping or pinching her), she is gentle with him, but she will claw me just for getting near her. The dogs are the same way. Our big dog gets so buggy about getting his nails clipped, he won’t let me touch his feet, but Jarrett can play with them with no problems.


  2. @Justin:

    You’re right. A real engineer would use metric. I didn’t catch that.

    I had a suspicion they weren’t real engineers either. In that scene where they’re eating toast the “silent one”, T.J., makes a comical face that I thought was “over acting” for a “dull” engineer. Plus, how many engineers do you know who would think to put a bit of Mozart opera (for the “martial arts” scene) in their video? You and I might think of it, but IMO we’re exceptions.

    What’s kind of amazing to me is that Paul’s voice is a dead ringer for James Robertson. If you listen to his podcasts it’s difficult to tell them apart.

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