Update on plagiarism situation

I was prompted by another blog post I read to check up on the situation with indquery.com, which I had complained about earlier. It looks like it’s been resolved. I checked the site and all I saw was an ASP.Net directory structure. So it looks like it’s down.

I was getting ready to take any action I could to help with this, but I was running up against getting ready for a trip I had scheduled for months. So I didn’t get to it. Perhaps they only planned to keep the site up temporarily. I don’t know how these scams work. Or perhaps other folks did the legwork of getting Google to remove the ads from his “honeypot”. They had copied other people’s stuff, too. If so, thank you very much, whoever you are. It was distressing to see articles I’d put effort and thought into blatantly copied and reattributed to the site’s owner just so they could make a Deutsche Mark (the site was German).

I’ve been signing my posts as a matter of course since then, so hopefully even if my posts are copied again, people will be able to know who wrote them and how to get here.

—Mark Miller, https://tekkie.wordpress.com


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