Comments policy

I really appreciate comments to my posts, however as time has gone on there are some guidelines I feel I need to make clear. I have been applying this policy to comments posted on here, and so I felt I should let you know what I’m doing. I will apply these rules on a case by case basis. I have also posted this on my About page.

If a comment is totally off topic (ie. not even tangential to what’s being discussed) I will delete it. Please make your comments and any links you include in your messages have some relevance to what’s being talked about.

I reserve the right to remove website links (entered in the “Website” box of a comment) from comments if they link to sites that appear to be totally or mostly commercial, have no discernable non-commercial content, and in addition have no relevance to what’s being discussed. To me this is as bad as posting spam. This isn’t to say that any time you include a link in a comment it should be non-commercial. You may include commercial links in your messages if they are relevant to the discussion.

If you have a homepage that talks about what you’re up to, your hobbies, etc., or have a blog where you talk about current events, your interests, etc., feel free to put it in the “Website” box of your comment. In this case it doesn’t have to be relevant to the discussion. I’m not going to be a stickler if you have a few ads on your site either.

In short what I’m trying to prevent are people putting links on my blog that go to pages full of ads and hardly anything but ads that have no redeeming value other than trying to generate revenue from page views, clicks, etc. If you’re not doing that then you have nothing to worry about. If you’re the owner of a site such as what I describe, feel free to post a comment, but please leave off the link to your website.



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