Ruby demo in Seaside: the sequel

Ramon Leon at On Smalltalk has written a couple of posts on how to connect a Seaside application to a database.

First he talks about selecting a database. He chooses PostgreSQL, and talks about his experience in setting it up. He chooses Glorp for object-relational mapping (ORM). Next, he shows how to take his Build-a-blog-in-15-minutes example and instead of using an OrderedCollection to store posts and comments, as was shown in the first demo, he shows how to set up Glorp to interface the blog to tables in PostgreSQL. He also compares/contrasts Glorp with Ruby on Rails’s ActiveRecord framework. Very interesting reading. No screencast this time, but it looks like he posted the necessary code.

Kudos Ramon! This information is really needed.

2 thoughts on “Ruby demo in Seaside: the sequel

  1. Sorry about that. It’s been corrected.

    It’s been a while since I’ve checked up on this blog. That’s why I’m getting to this so late. I didn’t realize I was receiving comments because I didn’t have WordPress set up to notify me when they came in. I didn’t mean to ignore you.

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