Pachelbel is the devil!

A while back I said I wouldn’t write about art that often. Not that I don’t like art. I just figured this would be a technical blog and so I wouldn’t think to write much about it. Oh well. So much for that. I found this today and just HAD to post about it. This guy is SO right, in more ways than I once knew. It’s hilarious if you’ve ever been into classical music, or played in an orchestra as I once did. I played Pachelbel’s Canon in D when I took orchestra in junior high school, eons ago. It’s a classic. I didn’t mind it. I thought it was a nice song. I was in the 2nd violin section at the time (I think). I remember feeling sorry for the cellists though. This guy explains why. Let me put it this way. He’s got an extremely bad case of that song you can’t get out of your head.

I had the opportunity to talk to some classical music connoiseurs back then. They also hated Pachelbel’s Canon. I think they were kind of jealous. It gets played all the time, and they think it doesn’t deserve that kind of popularity. Hey, maybe it was a form of pop music a few hundred years ago. Hmm…


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