Battlestar Galactica goes all the way

I’ve been an avid watcher of the new Battlestar Galactica series, partly because I really liked the original series as a kid. They’ve had very good writing on the show. So in a way it stands on its own. 

In the last episode shown on Friday it was revealed that Starbuck and Apollo fell in love with each other, or at least thought they had, on New Caprica, the planet the human fleet settled on when they thought they were safe from the Cylons. They were dating other people, but one night Starbuck and Apollo have a fling. They say they will announce their love, but the next day Starbuck marries the man she had been dating, I guess because she was afraid to carry through with it.

In the present, Starbuck starts going after Apollo again. When he refuses her, she starts taunting him, questioning his manhood as if she had a justifiable beef against him. They are both married. Battlestar Galactica is holding boxing matches to let people let off steam. Apollo and Starbuck eventually go in the ring and fight it out.

I was disappointed. I remember in the first season they showed Starbuck and Apollo as affectionately close, but not lovers. Now they’ve gone “all the way”, so to speak. They had changed the gender of Starbuck to a woman in this series, something that was very controversial to sci-fi fans, who remembered Dirk Benedict as Starbuck in the 1970s series. I didn’t mind, so long as she faithfully portrayed the character. It started off well. I watched the premiere movie back a few years ago. I think she played the Starbuck I remembered well…in a girlie sort of way. Hey, you can’t have everything. I expected that they would keep these characters as close buddies, but not romantic, to keep some flavor of those characters from the original series. But no, now they’re “involved” with each other. Great. Way to destroy the original characters, guys. I hope at some point they come out and reveal that Starbuck was originally a man and had a sex change operation. That would be fun to watch (sigh). 😐

It’s not just that I have memories of the Starbuck character being played by a man. It’s also that I admired that he and Apollo had a close buddy-buddy relationship. They were elite pilots who backed each other up, because they had a personal and professional dedication to each other. This came about because of a recognition of who each of them was, and what they had accomplished. What made the original series worth watching in my opinion were the characters of Adama, Apollo, and Starbuck, with Baltar as their nemesis. They held the story together. Now there are more consequential characters, which I don’t mind at all.

I think this turn of events in the story destroys the original Apollo and Starbuck characters though, because now they’re no longer buddy-buddies, and no longer heroes. Now they’re going to be distracted by emotional issues between them, not to mention their spouses. I guess the story is going to show the consequences of officers getting too close and not living up to their obligations, as the Adama character talked about in this episode. Maybe that’s the point. Maybe what will play out is a tragic series of events, due to a leadership mistake on his part.

Anyway, to see Apollo and Starbuck getting “freaky” with each other was uncomfortable. I wish they hadn’t written the story like this, but oh well. They’ve gone ahead and done it. There’s no taking it back. I won’t say that I’m not going to watch the series anymore, but I’ve lost some respect for it.

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