Trivia: Name that paper

It just occurred to me the other day to ask this, and have some fun. This is a follow-up to my blog post “Exploring Squeak and Seaside”.

Avi Bryant’s blog, named “HREF Considered Harmful”, is a play on the title of a famous computer science paper. What was the name of that paper, and who wrote it? Hint: this relates to an earlier blog post I wrote.


2 thoughts on “Trivia: Name that paper

  1. The paper was “Goto considered harmful,” by Edgser W. Djkstra. which appeared in CACM in 1968. It was a very short article, about half a page, but it was a conceptual earthquake. In the 1970’s, we (cs students) all had to read it.

    His point was that the goto statement led to spaghetti code, and if you adopted a discipline of avoiding it, you could force yourself to write structured code. A radical idea at the time.

    I am surprised that it took so long for someone to reply to this question.

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