Microsoft’s first step in WPF/E?

I saw this today over on ZDNet: “Hints of support for WPF/E on Mac”. One of Microsoft’s developers, Nathan Herring, has announced he’s moving from the CoreCLR team to work on what’s called miniCLR for the Mac. Supposedly it’ll be just enough of the CLR to run WPF/E. Hey, maybe they’ll come out with a miniCLR for Windows clients as well. I’m sure a lot of people don’t like having to download and install 20 Meg. for the complete .Net Framework just to run a GUI application.

You can see some video of WPF/E here.

I look forward to what Microsoft will do with this. It will be nice to be able to run .Net rich clients on another platform besides Windows. My guess is that Microsoft will only port WPF/E to the Mac. In my opinion they don’t really have an incentive yet to port it to any other platform.

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