In 2003 a friend and I embarked on a software project together.  He didn’t have the money to pay me, but I was willing to do the work, just to have something to program while I was doing other work for money.  For the past 1-1/2 years I’ve worked on it off and on when I could find time.  People have since told me this was a healthy practice, to keep myself “in the game” so I wouldn’t get rusty.  The people I’ve talked to who have been some real die-hards in this business have considered it an asset that I’ve done this.  More than a year ago, as I read about the massive layoffs that occurred in our industry, the worry was expressed that some people had been out of work for so long they feared that they might never be able to get back into the business again.  Let me put some of that doubt to rest.

    As of October 18, I have finally found paid work as a software engineering contractor, after not having paid work in my field for 2-1/2 years.  I’m thankful to have it.  Hopefully this is the end of the long dry spell.


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